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Fund set-up service

Superannuation Accounting Services can set-up a complying self managed superfund (DIY fund) for you. Our Trust Deeds are drafted to provide maximum flexibility, while complying with all prevailing superannuation laws. Using our set-up service will ensure that your new self managed superfund is up and running as soon as possible without any fuss.

Our self managed superfund Trust Deed allows:

Superannuation Accounting Services will attend to the registration of the self managed superfund with the appropriate regulators to make the election to be a regulated fund.

To have Superannuation Accounting Services set up a self managed superfund for you, download the Set Up Form below, complete it and return to us.

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SMSF set-up form

SMSF set-up form

SMSF set-up form (for adviser)

More information about individuals as trustees versus corporate trustee here.

The self managed superfund set up process

Below is a diagram showing our process of setting up a self managed superfund.

If you are unsure whether a self managed superfund is suitable for you, read our general aid to help you consider whether self managed superfund is suitable for you. Please note that the information is not based on any consideration of your objectives, financial situation and needs and before deciding on any changes to your superannuation you may want to obtain professional advice.