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Superannuation Accounting Services specialise in the provision of self managed super fund products and services. We provide comprehensive services for the DIY investors and all our services are provided purely on the basis of client's needs or request.

We do not restrict investors to a limited number of service provider they can utilise for their SMSF (i.e. the SMSF may bank with the financial institution of its choice, trade on the ASX through the broker of its choice, invest through their preferred channel, etc), and we do not place any restrictions on the type of investments, as long as those investments comply with superannuation laws.

We can help you with:

Documentation service

Superannuation Accounting Services is a trusted provider SMSF set-up services. We make the set-up process easier.

If you are looking to set-up a SMSF, let us help you set-up your SMSF. Don't take the risk with inadequate documentation. Our trust deed and accompanying documentation are drawn up with legal oversight. We also attend to the registration of the SMSF with the Australian Taxation Office.

We can advise you on the whole set-up process, from documentation through to registration with the ATO, and dealing with the ATO on your behalf.

Where there is a change in circumstances affecting trustees or members of the SMSF, we can help with changing trustee and/or member of your SMSF. Whether it is to add a family member to the SMSF, or changing trustee due to death, we are here to help you through these situation. Our experience in dealing with these matter means that we foresee and mitigate against any issues that may arise.

We are experts in limited recourse borrowing arrangements for property, and can provide you advice on the structure and documentation requirements. In certain circumstances, a subsequent Deed may be required to clarify the property address. For example, where a property is purchase off-the-plan, and at the time of settlement, the property address is different than originally stated in the original documentation. We can assist and provide the necessary documentation to reflect the property address.

We often assist in unique circumstances, such as lost SMSF trust deed, defect in the SMSF trust deed, correction of the SMSF trust deed for name errors, trust deed incorrectly signed.

Accounting and tax reporting service

We provide comprehensive end-to-end administration, accounting, tax and compliance services for SMSF, including having the SMSF audit by an external independent approved auditor (on our panel) and actuarial certificate by an actuary.

Our accounting and tax reporting service covers the whole SMSF life-cyle from first annual financial report and tax return after set-up, to final financial report and tax return on winding-up of the SMSF.

Our processes are flexible, and we work with you to make it easier for you.

As part of our services, we are here for you and can answer your questions on superannuation law compliance and taxation, including any technical questions.

We are first and foremost accountants, who specialise in SMSF. We are qualified accountants with specialist knowledge, expertise and skill set in SMSF.

Superannuation Accounting Services is a registered tax agent, and we are Chartered Accountants and CPAs. In this specialised area, experience counts. Superannuation Accounting Services has the technical expertise and experience.

Advisory service

We have strong compliance advisory capabilities led by industry experts. We can assist and advise on complex superannuation compliance issues.

We provide tailored advice in matters relating to taxation and superannuation laws. We assist SMSF trustees in obtaining Tax Ruling and/or SMSF Specific Advice from the ATO where there are areas of uncertainty.

Where there are breaches of superannuation laws, we can provide practical advice on breach rectification and any potential consequence. In more complex situation that may not be easily unwound, we can assist with early engagement and voluntary disclosure to the ATO for a more positive outcome.

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