Complex compliance issues

Superannuation Accounting Services can help you decipher the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 and Regulations. We can advise you on taxation laws, and the interaction with your SMSF. We can advise on particular transaction or arrangement, including the tax effect.

Depth of our knowledge

We have strong compliance advisory capabilities led by industry experts. Our technical team can assist you.

Whether you have a question about compliace, taxation, an investment, real property and borrowing arrangement, acquisition of business real property, in-house assets, residency of the SMSF, contributions, condition of release and benefits payment, or complex administrative matters, we can advise you to make sure your SMSF complies.

For certainty, we can assist with preparing and lodging request for SMSF Specific Advice with the ATO to obtain the regulator’s position on how the superannuation laws applies to your particular transaction or arrangement.

We can also assist with preparing and lodging request for a Private Ruling with the ATO if the transaction or arrangement relates to a tax issue.

We can assist you with your SMSF strategies

Run your strategies by us. We can let you know whether it will comply with superannuation laws, and we will let you know if there are specific compliance requirements.

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