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Advisory service

Advisory service

We have answers to your questions.

We can advise you on:

  • Superannuation laws
  • Breach of superannuation laws, and rectification
  • Structuring of SMSF
  • Income tax laws as they related to SMSF
  • Advise and assist with ATO audit/ review
  • Limited recourse borrowing arrangement
  • Unrelated unit trust (13.22C)
  • Pre-99 unit trust
  • Family law, as they related to SMSF
  • Death of a trustee/ member, and advise on estate matters
  • Residency of SMSF (trustee/member moving overseas)

We have strong compliance advisory capabilities led by industry experts. We can assist and advise on complex superannuation compliance issues. Leverage our experience.

We provide tailored advice in matters relating to taxation and superannuation laws. We assist SMSF trustees in obtaining Tax Ruling and/or SMSF Specific Advice from the ATO where there are areas of uncertainty.

Where there are breaches of superannuation laws, we can provide practical advice on breach rectification and any potential consequence. In more complex situation that may not be easily unwound, we can assist with early engagement and voluntary disclosure to the ATO for a more positive outcome.

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Compliance review and breach rectification

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