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Why use our services

Because we get SMSF.

Self managed super fund is a highly specialised and evolving area. A specialist SMSF provider can provide you with superior advice and services.

The accountants at Superannuation Accounting Services are qualified accountants with experience and expertise in SMSF. We are committed to providing continued support and assistance to meet all our clients' needs.

Not all SMSF administrator/ accountant are equal

What sets us apart is our commitment to service excellence by providing a superior client service and high quality work. You can also be assured of our technical competencies, with many of our accountants being members of peak accounting bodies, such as Chartered Accountants and CPA Australia, and subject to all the professional and ethical standards.

You can count on technical experts providing you with complete solutions to your questions and full service accounting, tax and compliance reporting where you can access timely financial information.

A flexible service that is build with you in mind

We take a flexible approach. We work with you and adapt our processes to meet your needs, not the other way around. Our objective is to make it easier for you - simple things like reducing the amount of your paperwork by obtaining it direct from source.

Less paperwork

With our Premium service - You invest, we report. Don't wait for annual or quarterly report. Get secure online access to timely financial information for your SMSF. We can receive data directly from many banks, brokers and investment providers. Easier and less paperwork for year-end tax compliance and audit.

On time

Superannuation Accounting Services is well resourced, and we attend to your matter timely. We ensure that SMSF's financial reports and taxation returns are prepared promptly.

Low and fixed fees

Our charges are on a fixed fee basis - meaning you know in advance the costs to your SMSF. No one like surprises. We are able to keep our fees low because all our accountants have SMSF specific knowledge, expertise and skill set, there is no upskilling or familiarisation at your expense. In fact, because our passion and dedication is SMSF, and we work on SMSF all day, we get very good at it. This together with our technological efficiencies translates into our ability to keep our fees low.

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