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Federal Budget 2016-17

10 May 2016 : There are unexpected changes in the Budget affecting superannuation, changes that the Government is saying will improve sustainability, flexibility and integrity of the superannuation system. Certain superannuation concessions will be curbed.

ATO guidance for LRBA related party loan (safe harbour)

11 April 2016 : The Guidelines sets out the terms on which SMSF trustees may structure their LRBAs with related party loans that are acceptable to the ATO.

2016-17 Superannuation tax rates and thresholds

11 April 2016 : The key changes for superannuation rates and thresholds for 2016-17.

Federal Budget 2015-16

15 May 2015 : Budget for Jobs, Growth and Opportunity, the Federal Treasurer delivered his second Budget with no new taxes on superannuation.

Refund of excess non-concessional contributions

15 May 2015 : A fairer taxation of excess non-concessional contributions.

Changes to increase in superannuation guarantee rate

20 May 2014 : The Government will continue with the increase of superannuation guarantee (SG) rate to 12 per cent from the current 9.25 per cent, but the timing of the increase will change.

Option to withdrawal excess non-concessional contributions

20 May 2014 : The Government has announced that it will make the taxation of contributions exceeding the non-concessional cap fairer.

Federal budget 2014-15

16 May 2014 : The 2014-15 Federal Budget contained few tax and superannuation measures, but includes a range of expenditure savings measures relating to middle-income benefits, social security and health.

Update on SuperStream electronic messaging

2 May 2014 : The Government announced 26 May 2014 that the implement of the SuperStream contributions data standards will be delayed.

SuperStream electronic messaging for SMSF

3 March 2014 : From 1 July 2014, SMSFs will be required to receive employer superannuation contributions that comply with the Government’s SuperStream Data and Payment Standard.

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